DArrell Nutt


Lorenzo is very passionate about music. And so am I! Working with him has been a pleasure and I will play drums for his recordings anytime! 5 Stars!

katey brooks


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lorenzo. He's a wonderful singer-songwriter and a wonderful human! Excited to work on more tracks with him.

Pete Hall


Lorenzo is a dream to work with. A pure musician and songwriter at heart.His music is stuck in my head daily and he has a killer voice!

Rusty Wright


If you're lucky enough to be selected by him you will have a great experience as well as be working with an outstanding artist.


Garth Thomas

Hollywood digest

The latest single from this talented performer maybe a collaboration, but it bears the hallmarks distinguishing Lorenzo Gabanizza from many contemporaries and peers.

R j Frometa

Vents Magazine

With a musical history that covers Rock Opera, Indie, and Country, Lorenzo Gabanizza is seemingly as mercurial as they come. His list of achievements is notable and credible, and his progression gives him a somewhat sterling reputation.

Indie Shark

Indie Shark Mag.

Lorenzo Gabanizza boasts an abundance of accolades, in the form of chart topping songs, and festival appearances. His songwriting on “You’re Not There” is so replete, and possessing of gravitas, that most can’t achieve it, without years of plying.

Alex Faulkner

Faulkner review

He proves himself to be a writer of the highest calibre, both in terms of words and music composition. His distinctive voice is the perfect vehicle for communicating the emotive nature of his songs.

Jennifer Stone

Daily Music Roll

Music artist Lorenzo Gabanizza brings the true musical aura every time he releases something new. His new song, “I Guess I Am the Only One”, seems to do the same.

Music Blog

You listen and wonder how much everything sounds organic and monolithic in this song. Instrumental music and vocals met each other in this vast world and created an amazingly harmonious and beautiful sound Classic Rock!

Edgar Allan poets

Music blog

The collaboration between Lorenzo and Jeff is a successful experiment the chemistry between these two great musicians is enviable. (...) These two artists lives in the same musical limbo and are able to express their emotions through music in an excellent way.


African Hype

Definitely a musician way ahead of his time, Lorenzo Gabanizza has stupendously revolutionized the way people view country music.