Italian singer-songwriter Lorenzo Gabanizza has had a long and extensive music career, which has seen him collaborate with hit makers and Grammy artists such as Donovan, Snake Davis, Ian Cameron, Don Tyler to name but a few. In the early nineties he was a member of various groups, notably a Queen cover band called Mantras. His "Queen project" continued with his band The Slightly Mad. Gabanizza started a fundraising program to help fight AIDS that was recognized by the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the organization that was founded soon after Freddie Mercury's death.
In 2016, Gabanizza produced and recorded a self-penned album, Celtic Bridge (Italian way music), a concept album that sold well both in Europe and the United States, entering the American download charts top 100. In July of that year, he appeared in front of 12,000 people at the worldwide event, Celtica.
In October 2021, he releases a new single featuring the multi-platinum Jeff Christie under the label MTS Records by multi-awarded Manager Michael Stover and mastered by Lennon's Grammy engineer Greg Calbi and Lady Gaga's Grammy engineer Steve Fallone. The song gets terrific press and reaches an impressive list of accolades: #1 in Itunes Country Charts, South Africa; #1 in the European Indie Charts; #4 in the World Indie Charts; #3 in the MTV USA Spotify chart; while the related video clip wins the 4th Golden Wheat Awards, the Malabar festival, the Toronto Alternative Film Festival and got an official selection at the Munich Music Video Awards and International Music Awards (London) and Malabar Film Festival (India).
As an author, Lorenzo won the Red Carpet Awards, The David Bowers Awards and is a Highly commended author at the UK Songwriting Contest.
" Its melodic strengths are sure to attract countless listeners and it delivers a timeless message without ever condescending to listeners. That’s a rare achievement. "

Chadwick Easton, Melody Maker Magazine